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Sports for Nature: a new framework to help sports protect biodiversity 


Sports organisations signing up to the Framework will receive practical assistance to:

  • Protect nature and avoid damaging natural habitats and species
  • Restore and enhance nature
  • Integrate nature into their business practices and supply chain
  • Inspire positive behaviour change


The Framework will provide clear targets for participating organisations, and require them to measure and report on their progress.

Twenty sport organisations, including the International Olympic Committee, the 2024 Paris Olympics, Union Cycliste Internationale and World Sailing, have already signed up to the Framework.

Sails of Change will play a key role in promoting and rolling out the Framework, working with IUCN to deliver programmes, toolkits and training. Together, we’ll be helping sports organisations to deliver on their good intentions, generating concrete results within their operations while promoting positive change to their stakeholders.

Dona Bertarelli, founder of Sails of Change said: “Sports organisers, administrators, clubs, participants, sponsors and fans are increasingly looking for sport to become a net contributor to the protection and restoration of nature. The new Sports for Nature Framework will help sports not just to mitigate their negative impacts on biodiversity, but to become nature-positive.”

“This Framework aims to help sports organisations understand their interactions with nature and take actions to reduce negative impacts in their operations and supply chains and make an active contribution to a nature-positive future. IUCN is proud to put its expertise in service of sports to support these efforts,” said IUCN Deputy Director General Stewart Maginnis.

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