Dona Bertarelli

Philanthropist, ocean advocate, sailor

“The role of sportspeople in the preservation of nature is essential. For me it would seem normal that outdoor sports enthusiasts are nature lovers.”

Yann Guichard

Philanthropist, investor and sailor

“Our sport, sailing, is very close to nature, and we can see clearly its constant degradation. To ensure that future generations can live and see what we live and see today, it is our duty to create awareness. We only have one planet and we need to protect it.”

Titouan Bernicot

Founder & CEO of Coral Gardeners

“In recent years we have lost almost half of the world’s coral reefs. Now is the time to act.”

Peter Thomson

UN Special Envoy for the Ocean

“What really needs to change is the human mindset. We’ve got to treat the ocean with the respect it deserves."

Jérémy Gobé

Artist/ Founder of Corail Artefact

"It is by bringing together art, science, industry, know-how and education that a real solution for coral can emerge. Drawing on our traditions and skills to meet the challenges of the future."

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